Hearts without wings 40

The player was awaken
The boy had seen
He got up soon
He feared to ask him
He was like a sinking
Searching for haulm
To get by it saved
He feared to ask
And the player answered
Unwanted answer
He said to himself,”
It was a dream
Nothing happened
What is the demanding
Of or any dream?
If had courage enough
He would ask one
“What is your name?’’
The player cut the silent
He looked at the boy
He said with proud way
,“What is the awful place
I had gotten in!
I am the famous palyer
Who every football team player
Wants to be a member
Getting in that awful way
I will hurt you?”
He looked at the boy
He asked the boy,”
He already looked in a way
Of anger
He asked,” Who are you?
The boy still without movement
His happiness was at the top
He stayed and looked
The player completed,”
That is you
The boy of dopey”
The boy laughed
The player continued,”
That is my reward
To get enter you
My department!”
The player hardly stopped
He walked shaky moement
He looked at the boy
The boy got up in short
As the player was dropped
The player said,’’
I have famous and important
Game on the following date
Of January month”
The boy laughed
He said,”Oh!
January had been passed
Since several months?”
The player tried to stand
He failed to get up
He asked, ’What did you do?”
I couldn’t understand”
The boy couldn’t catch his happy
The third quarter had passed
He danced and celebrated
He sang and danced
He circled around
He said,”
Thanks to my God
Who helped us
To return the smile
That was lost
I couldn’t believe that
The universe could celebrate
As I celebrate
The time is beside
The sun got nearest
Without its burning
The trees got greener
Than any time passed
And the moon is lighte
The stars are shiny
And row in only
Way to get happy
I got that way
No you got with me
The way to get happy
Thanked to my God
Who returned your mind?”
The player looked
He asked with amazement
,”who lost his mind?
Tell me about
Am I or not?”
The nurse came
She heard the question
The player looked at,”
He asked, “Who is that?
She must,must”
She must the gang
The gang”
He fell to the land
He lost his realizing”
She said with astonishment,”
What is happening?
Why do you speed the handing
Is that way, we were dealing?”
The boy laughed
He said with astonishment,”
I got surprised
As you in fact!
I found him
Talked and remembered
I argued you
To get him cured
And get him up!”
She said,’
I will call the physician!”
She looked with
The physician was abroad
“What must I do?”
She asked
He said, “no way
You are the way
To get him saved
You only the one
Who knows his manner
And get him out
From any pain
I know
You know
You can decrease
His illness!”