Comments on a fly 2

As these scientists proved the liar explain
Of the of Quran verses and its mean
Till the social scientist appeared
He made a research at scorpion social
He found great surprise
The home of scorpion in inner
In itself is destroyed
If the spider male wanted to get love
He must hunt a big insect
And envelop it as a present
When his female accepted
He began to make his want
After he get desired
He must get his tail
At his teeth and escape
Or he will be food for his wife
As she will injected him
With drugged
She wrapped him with her threads
And stored him
Till she get hunger
She began to kill hunger
By amusing eating little
By little
Thus he became the first Martyr
Of love
Then the great surprise when she what?
The female spider puts eggs or gives birth?
She puts eggs
After the babies spiders get out
They ran fast
When one meets the other
The strongest eats the weak
 Everyone does that with his brothers
Does that with his sister
Their mother has a role
She ran not to protect
Her lovely kid
But to share in party of celebrate
She eats who she meets
Thus the verse of Quran is
Not false
But the Islamic scientists explain
What its mean