A fly 10

The dangerous queen stood,” 
She ordered the settle war
They come in hurry
Their muscles with so great
Than any imagine and could weight
The weight of ordinary body
Their sights are so strong
They could remark an ant in fog
Their stunts were so long
Straight, harmonic and looked good
Their walk vibrated the land
Their wings stretched in seconds
Or less than blinks
The weapon were newest
Their scientists did their best
To make them strong and advanced
No one could bear
They used an illegal weapon
Not only to kill but to destroy
Every life every green wat
The wolves were in
Their tusks were not in
Their nails were sharpest
Their howling was highest
Their sights were clearest
The lion were brought
Their were dangerous than any attendants
The crows were attendant
The owls, the rats , the lice, the worst
The hate of queen stood
Saying in strong,”
This is the democracy day
Which we will spread our way
To live, to make them more advanced
To kill their worst imperator
To destroy every warrior
By their bad way
In life thought and believe”
The soldiers celebrated
As they were going in trip
They sang a song”
Kill every late
Spread democracy
Make the world funny
For us
But for them i
Do not be busy
We will guard them
In reward
We will steal them”
The queen signed ,”No!”
They completed in fast,’’
We will take a reward
Against guard them
They fly over a wealth
They are stupid and late
They don’t deserve that wealth
They pay for their desire
Their world is very boring
To get them advanced
We must advise them
By persuading or by forcing
Move in one queue
Move in straight row
Your heart must have not kind
You must make the wind
Everything to obey
We will spread our way
To live, to love and hate
Even it is against their thoughts
Look right, look left

Our nation is the best”