Hearts without wings 19

Hearts can dance
Making you elegance
The rain washes the sky
The love washes the dirty
Of heart that causing lazy
The hearts celebrate
Dancing and passing
From narrow gate
That prisoner them
They could be paralyzed
When they loaded over load
The sad makes them bad
And could not think at way
To get funny ,to get happy
He waked up
He screamed at high
He asking for a help
He couldn't bear the headache
He could not bear the pains
He felt that drums knocked
The drake shot great shots
Those make his artery pulsing
I could feel the blood passing
You could not imagine my trouble
Look ,look I could hear the heart pumping
Who could stop that play?
Please help me!
My hands vibrated
My legs could not bear me
My eyes wanted to closed
 I am tired
So tired
I am as the straw
Falling in front of wind
Who can bear that swirl?"
He looked at them
He asked for help
He struck the wall hard
Strongly with wall
They tried to prevent
They tried to stop                                                          
He with his power
Pushed the dragon out
He looked at the guard
He caught him from collar
He bowed him in violent
He could carry him over
The guard flew with scream
He looked at him
When he ran
And stretched his arms
To catch him
The boy passed between his legs
The man fell into land
The boy faced him
He jumped with great anger
The boy jumped in manner
Making him puzzle
He faced and passed
Under the player
Who fell in cripple
He stood and threw the traps
They caught its ends
He screamed as a mad
Who would go to the hospital
He screamed as died
Who would face the death at speed
He cried at loud
As he lost his hope
The boy screamed at them
," how could he do?
I want to know"
He screamed
Our plane will be failed
They tied him
The boy said,'"
If you want the inject,
You should feed.
If you will not
We will not"
He looked and said
With tears that cut the hard
Rock or pearl
," be more merciful"
The boy said after crying,"
Will I order you to obey"