The hearts without wings 3

The singer and the beauty
The problem
What is the problem?
The problem appeared after every song
The beauty one who was shared
By concentrating his eyes
And made her as she was aimed
Feel in love with his sight
And came and asked one want
“To love her as he wanted
She would make him as rosy
Shinning every morning with smile
Making his life full of happy
And made his tempers full of eagerly
Of life that would converted into honey
If he accepted her love
She would give what he wanted
If he accepted her love
She would be his slave
And he will be her king
That is sure and enough
She saw him her beauty
And will be naked completely
She would not feel with annoy
To do love or hurt at any way
But the only only pain
If he refused her desire”
He smiled and answered
He could not imitate the animals
The God does laws to obey
Not to refuse and go away
The animals do loves in their way
And human must do by marriage
The marriage is only way
To do love without shame
And if there was a baby
He will brow with steady
And self-feel of happy
As he had natural family”
She answered at rapidly
She accepted her offer without any matter
If she was married
She would get divorced
They would got married
At once
To have honey
To drink happy
To feel as fly
To show her inner beauty
He refused and said,’
God may bless you
And he refused to build his happy
Over the sad of another
As the worst will sure
Refer to him in speeder
He made himself for the music
He will not make love
His only love is the song”
That one went sad one hate
Other still loved
Other went and suicide
 Other followed his success
Till at once
When he did a song
Of love, of happy
He concentrated at one
Her eyes were blue
Deepest as ocean
He naked shoulders were shiny
As rosy as attractive way
He long red neck which decorated
Her necklace
He went to glance
Her eyes were open enough
His heart pumped hard
He sang as he sang at once
As he began first song
He sang only for love
For her heart and soul