Hearts with wings 26

They returned in fast
They asked in astonishment<
“Where is the treasure?”
The bot answered
,” first untie me”
They said,”
Without escape!”
He accepted
They untied
He said ,”
Then we must deal
As equal”
They accepted
He said,
You must
To the cigarette
They looked
At each other
They said, “How could we do?”
They completed,”
You know
All the worlds know
We can’t dispense
Any one of cigarette
Cigarette is taken to show
Our manhood
The difference between
The man and the child
The cigarette taken
How to take the smoke
Keep it so long
At your chest
Then blow it
Making clouds
Every wave
Chased another
Like our life
We live in chasing
From police
Who tries to establish
Even that awful
Making us do
We are chasing
By our relatives
They prayed and demanded
To get us dead
We chasing from men
Or women
Those making gang
They wanted to bring
Drugs cigarette
And customer for selling
Or guesting
For women
They laughed at us
They wiped our heads
They said bad words
Then they entered alone
With women at room
One asked,”
What do you do?
He was struck
By a hand
Over his cheek
He might forget
The cigarette making us fly
With angels at high
Over the clouds
Over any sight
The cigarette is demanded
At trouble and hard times
To get your nervous
Take a long breath
Keep it at your chest
Then blow it strongest
You will get rest!”
The boy said,’’
We are chased
By police
As we did
Bad things
We are chased
By relatives
As we brought
Bad news
Making them
Hate our news
The cigarette can’t decrease
The pressure gotten
Over the chest
It might contain
Material to numbness
The waken tempers
When you used to smoke
It was useless
Cigarette contained death
It brings cancer for faith
Blood pressure and Arteriosclerosis
It brings had i9n lungs
It decreases the wide of breath
It causes the cough
And eyes may be dried enough
The nerves may be awaken
Making great hurt”
They said,
“We will forbid it
From taking it”
The boy said,’’
And  the drugs”
They said,”
They are the gift
Of our God
If you had a trouble
You must take them
You will forget all
And the world knelt
At your majesty
You will be like the king
Dream and find every thing
At your dream
You will be fly
High,high as a fly
Over the sights in the sky
Every hurt goes wide
Every best becomes beyond
Your brain”
The boy said,”
Those when you use
When the drugs
 Act ended
What one get sense?”
They answered,”
Awful and worse’’
He said,
The drugs main addiction
One can sell everything
For smell or take dose
One could be killed
The give him over dose
One can be slave
As he didn’t find to give
Money to buy his dose
The drugs cause
Ill in eyes
Troubles in heads
Vibrated in tempers
Shaken in sounds
Weakness in bodies
Less ability for feeding
More disease
Than one imagines’’
What are the rewards”
They asked.
He answered,”
Your self respect
Your brain will return
To you to think
Your health will increase
Your body will be strongest
Your eyes will remark
You will not see any ghosts
You will not fear of dark
That the light
Light your self
Compare yourself
When you run
With one has
You after minutes
Stop for breath
Or cough or take breath