Hearts without wings 29

They said, 'let's celebrate
Let's sing for that
Life we will get
The time will come
The good will be at
By our side
We will not be late
We will be loved by only our work
The aim is the fate
The good must step
Over our land the worst must gone
We will shoot by our gun"
They laughed, they danced
Suddenly, the boss stood
He said," Till us
Where is the famous
Player to know
You till false
Or you say the truth?"
He said," We will go
You will see
Don't stay
For along
Don't talk a lot
He is here to cure
As he was injected
By harm drugs
The enemy of his land
Wanted to destroy him
Before the world cup
As they thought
He will be the role
Of beaten tier team"
The boss said,"
What awful things?
Sports converted to political
Damned over all greed
If the presidents leave the fear
And let the people go here
And there with restrict
With cooperate for good
The world will be good
Look to those
Who prevents prayer
To enter their mosques
Under a lot of layers
And put boundaries
To get them annoyed
And make them
Leave their land
To establish their religion land
At time, the world has open mind
The one who did that
Will lose everything
Damned over who agree that
Damned on who help them
Without trying to stop them
 I was crying a lot
If one prevented me
To go and pray
At my church"
The boss cried
The boy fondled him
He wanted him to stop
His crying
He said," let us go
And let him know
The future heroes"
When they saw him
The sadness covered their faces
The silent stopped their mouths
The tears had to ascend a lot
The boy said, "This is our hero"
The boys surrounded him
They did a song
 It was said,''
Let us celebrate
The bad we must forget
The future will build
By our love
By our cooperate
Damned on hate
Damned on war
His nation
Who blow in
To get more fire
To get their desire
To spread ruin
To increase the pain
To show them selves
They are the messenger of peace
When they enter
To distinguish the fire
They could light"
They cheeked him
They kissed him
Some of them
Had his sign
Without great laugh
He signed
A strange one
They loved and went
They got the bag
And hid it
Under the ghost
They brought a big screen
The boy was demanded
He asked
," How did you get?"
The first said," I borrowed it"
The boy said
The another interrupted,"
We mocked the merchant
And took it
With light of our hands
And intelligent of our minds
We will return it
As will as you asked"
He laughed and said,"
No! return it
We will not
Use the fault"
They said, "fault
No we borrowed
And we will return it"
Some brought laptop
To do the record match
He asked, "Are you witch?
How do you get it?
They laughed and said,"
One entered and asked for another
The following was inner
He took and escaped"
The boy said, "The cameras?
Another said
,"It took photo of pretty face
The boy put on his face
We swear we will return
As we could take it and run"
The green yard was prepared
The screen was adjusted
The laptop was on
The man was sat
The cold water was near a hand
The cup of teas was prepared
The show began
He had been a player at that
He played will
He passed from several
He made a pass
To one who made a goal
The crowds saluted
As well as the boys
He always clapped
He was asking,"
Who is that?
He looks as me
In fact