heart without wings 27

They gathered
They decided
How could
Ever thought
To overlap that bad
The boy said,”
That is easy
Forget your desire
Make mind think another
To get your happy
If you got nervous
Count enormous numbers
If you nervous
Wash your face and limbs
If you still nervous
Change your position
If you lay, get up
If you sleep, sit or stand
If you feel angry
Go for walk
Till you get satisfy
And you will be happy
Many of us
Were dismissed as
They don’t say a word
Their parents or superior
Wanted to listen
O.K. I agree
Let your proud away
There are a lot of houses
There a lot of lives
For adults
He or she
Refused to meet
In the middle
When he or she decreased
Their proud
As wife and husband
After long love
Written and demanded
Thousand times”
He completed
,”after that
Take new habit
To get your mind busy
And forget that bad
Have good will and be ready
Sports will you play
Garden will you go
Science will you know
To make your land
Be proud
And your nation
To be your son
You will be aimed
By every one
And famous
More than player   
Or actor”
One asked,”
And the drugs!”
He said,”
With strong well
With hard effort
With obey physician
With being away from
Your bad friend
Surely you win,”
Let us begin
Let’s paly
A wonderful game
Running as horses
Without any coughing
Without getting
Breath cutting
The world wants awaken
World wants strong person
World want healthy one”
They said,”
We agree!”
He said ,”
For that bag
I took it
From “Dudo” player”
They looked at each other
They murmured
Till one asked,”
The truly?
He said ,”Yes!”
They said,”
If it is, why do you steal?”
He said,” as he had drugs
And lied as the child
He couldn’t walk
Ten meters
Or talk good and long
They said, “Show more!”
He said, “what does the famous one
, When he had bad thing?”
They said,” be away of light
And prepared himself
To decrease hate
And sustain love”
He said,” I did”
They said with happy,”
That is mean he is near
That mean
He will be seen!’
He said ,”May be”
They celebrated and danced
They sang,”
We will be famous
As the famous is near house
The house will be light
Will be more shine
The default will be out
The good will be nearest
Tomorrow, tomorrow
Not the following day
We will be mentioned
The journalist
Will come and asked
One made as journalist
Other as the reader
The journalist asked,”
Why did you take it?’
The reader said,” to train in play
Hard and unequaled land
And have a rest
To get mind in  clear”