Hearts without wings 36


The fear entered
It was accompany with him
He entered the room with red
And blue face colored
He was tingled
He threw himself at the nearest
The nurse saw him with scared
She ran towards him, she hesitated
She prepared some cool drink
It was lemonade to calm and rest
His nervous temper and fear decreased
She brought to him
He refused at first
Then he had to drink
As he felt with her kind
He felt with her heart
Folding his heart
He felt that she in fact
Get feared
For only him
At the first time
He got one feared
But she was a female
Who is the reason,
To get that harm
Not only for him
But for all
All surrounded
Was hurt by who called
They had no kind
Their shape looks like
The snake
Her smoke looks good
But its harm is the kill
She approached and said
With fear and red face
,”What had happened?
First he refused
She prepared a second worm drink
He took it
After he drank
She sat beside him at carpet
She tension ed him
He had to sit
He shouted,
“Why do you do that?”
She laughed
She said,” Because I love you
Not as those damned
Films draw bad imagine
When woman and man
There must be love
That is ugly and rough”
She completed,”
Yes ,I loved you”
He was astonished”
He got wide
He wanted to say,”
You are the reason
Of sad for everyone
God created you
Not to decrease the lost
But to get the best
For the universe
But you did the verse
You overlapped the world
To be the devil road”
She suddenly said,”
I love you
As my youngest brother
don’t you want to ask me
if I have brother?
So, ask me”
She became silent
Then she completed
,”I had a respect family
Mother ,father and mine
We had gotten a beuty
He was young and smart
My mother and father did their best
To make our life looks good
My father advised me to be a nurse
To help in decrease
Pain and any harm
Suddenly they had gone
They dead and the fate had done
Its act at my world
I lived with my son
No my beauty one
Brother, but I considered
As my son
I was sharing in cure
Someone who had crime
His enemy wanted to kill
But I helped him to get save
The police arrested them
But the snake has its tail
He might dead
But he put its egg
His fellow kidnapped him
They killed him
No, they killed me
They broke my heart”
She cried a lot
She did a wailing
In spite of her will
She put her head between her hands
To hide her ascended tears
Her cheek converted to red
Her lips become so bowling
Her eyes were wide and red
Her hands vibrated a lot
The boy fall in lost