Hearts without wings 38

He screamed at hers,”
From any hill did you say
That word?
I do not love any female
The world when they are gotten
Became awful
The man descended from his honor
When he followed her and did her order
As he was slave for her
His mind became out of order
The fault increases
The fault had been gotten
Since the woman was born
The first crime at history
Occurred because the woman beauty
And you come to tell me
There is female
Had white heart”
She said, “I have the worst
Than you exposed
My little brother
Who I consider
My son
Was killed at my eyes
Without any help
To save him
My heart blooded
I remembered him
I remembered his death
With great pains
The scene was occurred
Day and night”
Come baby
Come and tell”
The boy looked
At her tears
She cried when
She remembered the kill
The boy gave
Her his napkin
He had to sleep over her stretched thigh
After their faces met
He noticed she was so pretty
He asked
,”Why this beauty
Had to work
At hard or difficult
She must do as
The naked neighbor women did"
He thought
"The snake put eggs
Which hatched
And got snakes
The snake has beauty shape
But its bit is killed”
She folded her head
The player was waken
He imitated he still slept
The boy told her
About what he faced
The player got up
When he heard the story
He capped his hands
He said, “Good hero
You can do
As Sylvester Stallone
Or Jackie Chan
That is not true
The gang you talked”
He repeated “the gang”
He failed to land
The boy asked
The nurse to get
The physician
He came at once
He got smile at face
He said and pointed
To the boy and nurse,’’
You make great advance
To do these steps
He had great cure
But take care
Of disease relapse
If it occurs
We will return the steps
And the cure will lose”
He continued,”
The player slept
He took inject
To calm down”
The physician went
After days, when they ate
The breakfast meal
One boy of boys’ gang
Came in fast
Telling in speed,”
The gang arrested boys
After they attacked
They took the money bag “
The boy asked, “Do they escape?”
Another nodded, “No!”
The boy jumped away
So clever as monkey
The player watched
He got out and remarked
The boy jumped between branches
As the monkeys
He was so proud
When the player wanted to follow
 The guard prevented
As he knew,
The gang wanted
Not money
But that one”
The boy reached
He found the boys gang
Were tied by trees
And they were hurt hard
They cried for mercy
They cried to let them free
One said, “Didn’t you
Take your bag?
Let us and go
Otherwise you will know"
The men had muscles
The big muscle one said,”
Tell us about your boss
And the player,
Where could I see his?
He talked in coarse
You will be killed
Your head will be separated
I will play the toss
At your nose
So tell the truth!”
The boys cried
They were struck
By hard wasp
The men laughed
When they saw
A boy
Urinated from fear
The boy looked
With anger that covered
He hid away
In fast and speed
The boy screamed
And the monkeys were called
He said,”ha,ha,hahaaaaaaa”
The monkeys, donkeys and dogs
Attended in fast
The street boys gang laughed
When they heard that scream
The men were anger
They looked and hurt
Them with asking
About what is going?
After seconds
The sky got black
The branches gathered
The donkeys brayed
The free garden echoed
Their sounds
  Amplifying their sounds