Hearts without wings 5

The singer and the beauty
The problem
She looked at her eyes
He concentrated and fell away
When he was up he said in away
In soft and loud
As he argument and asked
As he wanted to be her slave
,”give me you heart
Give me your love
I will give you every wish
I will make the wealth
Under your leg as you worth”
She said,” Suggest”
He said,” get a divorce
We will marry at once!”
She said ,”look
Every woman met every man
And they get love
At first sight or from a look
Then they have to marry
Or they must get married
Especially when they were married
From another man and woman
They will make the world into ruin
They will distribute the devastation
And the hate will walk and make its appearance
The great problem when they had
A lovely kinder
How did they get grown in safe and good insurance?
How do they love the world?
As a man was rich or smart
Kidnapped their lovely ma
As woman was rich or smart
Kidnapped their lovely pa
There was unstable
What a guarantee?
If one follows her desire
And marries what he entire
And felt with fine
After that, if
His partner meets another
And fells in matter
Of love
He will go to that
And repeat the same matter
And if the woman hated them
For great problems they faced
And meet a great one
And asked the divorce
What will she face?
By your God
One could say
When he will be asked
.”Why did you leave us
And went to that one?
Was it a desire or mad gone?”
He said,” Let us be loved
I will meet you
I away that the jinn or men
Could find
I will meet you beyond the sun
Its lights could not find
Its eyes could not reach
If the moon has a mind
We will get our wish
Wide ,wide of its lights reach
Do you accept to be my lover?
She cried a lot
He shared hers
He said, ’your pearl that ascended
From your eyes
Made me sad
My mood got mad
If you were my wife
I will lick them
Or keep them
In worth bottle beside
My heart!”
She stopped crying and laughed!”