Hearts without wings 34

The boy and the player embraced
They cried for long
The monkeys and others celebrated
They song all song
For deathless love for long
Forever and without purpose
For faith and and for hope
Of making the world good
Better when it advanced
Better when we cooperated
Worst when we differed
He looked to the wise one
He was an old monkey
He smiled and make funny
He didn’t understand
The player dealt that he will not go
Except wit accompany or a fried
Ho certainly might know
The ways and entrances
The boy and animals, birds dismissed
The boys’ gang came
After days passed
One said,”
The trader of the drugs was caught
He wanted me to approach drugs
When the time came
The police knew
He was arrested
I got freedom”
All laughed all danced
Other said,”
The men who kidnapped
Children and kinder
They were arrested
I knew were they would go
The police might know
They were arrested”
They danced a lot
They thanked God
The third said,”
My naked woman neighbor
Who used to guest men for days
She was arrested and jailed”
One asked,”she might get out”
He said,”
The men of the street
Agreed to dismissed her
The women damned her
The both were agreed
At once, that must be accounted
They said,”
If the world stood
Against any bad
The world would be good
And the devils will be vanished
Hearts with hearts would be chained
Strong than steel made by experienced
The boy knew from physician
The player must have sad or happy
The boy planned for the player to escape
He was remarked
By even the wind and ant
He was escaped and ran
He felt to get the way
To be out of that green and beauty
Jail, but it was considered the worst
As he had not his freedom
When he went
When he puzzled
He screamed a lot
They let him for a long
Then they saved him
When he returned
His tempers were shocked
His head was moved
His eyes were opened
And moved at all sights
The physician was brought
With his nurse who was ordered
To stay with him for long
The player had Analgesic
He slept for long
The physician shouted
He ordered not to do that
Worst thing
They surrounded the player
The boy was sad
His sadness increased
For attending the nurse
But there is way to dismiss
She will share them every thing
That is not important
Getting the player heath
Is the important
The nurse ordered him
To get some medicine
To cure the player of the pain
He went to him
He got the written
When he went to the pharmacy
And got on the bus
He found two men approached
One got his gun
And pointed at him
He feared for a while
The man pointed not
To say a word
The boy sat in silent
Then he jumped at his hand
With sudden and light movement
Making the man crippled
For moment