The hearts without wings 4

The singer and the beauty
The problem
After he sang his song
He asked for hers
The assistance got happy
As he knew a weak point
That he could by control it
Could press on him
He knew what the singer wanted
The singer wanted to hers
She was pleasant
He checks were gotten rosy
Than any time before
Her smile were shiny
As the sun visits hers soon
Her lips got red in away
As the strawberries colored all
Her front head got white
One could see
As the ice passed by
They smooth and white teeth
Appears more than before
As her smile was there
Who could disappear his happy?
Who could stop the heart dance?
Who could distinguish the lights?
Or see to the beauty you are rude
He could not speak
For long time he stood
Looking at hers
As his heart wanted to amuse
As her sights wanted to water
Their thirsty to hers
As his soul, only soul talked
And all were listened and might obey
The sun shined here
The light would not return
The lights occupied home
Who could move them?
 The dark got feared
He wanted to get b black
Place to hide, only hide
He wished to be student
In a temple of beauty
She was only his model
To learn from hers
The time passed quickly
She interrupted his observation
She said after hem ,’
Mr., would you talk
As my husband will return?”
He was shocked
As he had only learnt
In spite before his learning
She was married woman
He said after trouble
Appeared at his sound
 ,” I loved you
I would like you
To share me,
Would you?”
She felt with shame
Her face got red
Her hands got vibrated
She said, “Could I do the fault?
Could that smart gain fault?
When I met my God,
What I could talk
When he asks one
Why did you lose that?”
He felt with sad
He said in fast,’’
So you could ask him
To get divorce
We will marry at once
You will be as princess
You will travel at every place
Seeing every strange
Visiting all monuments
Climbing high mounts
Having palace at ocean
I will build island away of motion
For our love that will be mention
At every speak and talk
You will ask
Your demand will be achieved!”