Hearts without wings 17

They took off
They got the woman and man out
They were slept
Or having no minds
As they got drugs
The pharmacist got sad
He looked at them
He told them
Bad news
The drugs were dangerous
They will influence
In the mind
And got it lost
The pharmacist got sad
He knocked at the wood
They must escape
The boy said,”
We must not lose hope
They asked for physician
The pharmacist gave the address
The boy ordered to stop
And threw the bag out
In ocean water
It sank down ,down
The strangers approached
They hurt the pharmacist
Till he desired to get dead
They asked about
The boy and the player?
The pharmacist answered
And told them the address
They went faster
To get the player
The boy guessed that
They had eavesdrop
They were hid
They would not go the physician
They went to another
Who told
They must put
Him in hospital
Or do as he advised
Without forgetting a word”
The dragon asked about that
 He said. “It is the cheapest
It is the most in danger
It might got the mind lost”
The boy cried
As a closet relative was hurt
He cried hurt
Of deepest heart
He asked,”
What are the results?
The physician answered,’’
He was addicted
He might need larger doses of it
He may need the drug
 Just to feel good
Attempts to stop drug use
May cause intense cravings
And make you feel physically ill
(Withdrawal symptoms).
Feeling that he has to use
The drug regularly and in continuous
This can be daily or even several times
For a day to use
Having intense urges
For the drug
Over time,
Needing more of the drug
To get the same effect
Making certain that
He maintains a supply of the drug
Spending money on the drug,
Even though you can't afford it
Not meeting obligations
And work responsibilities,
Or cutting back on social
Or recreational activities
Because of drug use
Doing things to get the drug
That he normally wouldn't do,
Such as stealing
Driving or doing other risky activities
When he is under the influence
Of the drug
Focusing more and more time
And energy
On getting and using
The drug
Failing in your attempts
To stop using the drug
Experiencing withdrawal symptoms
When you attempt to stop taking the drug
For Signs and symptoms
Of recent use can include:
A sense of euphoria or feeling "high"
A heightened sense of visual,
Auditory and taste perception
Increased blood pressure and heart rate
Red eyes
Dry mouth
Decreased coordination
Difficulty concentrating
Or remembering
Increased appetite
Slowed reaction time
Paranoid thinking”’
He completed,”
That cheapest drug
Goes to the brain
Destroy every think cell
to make one without mind
Or return him
To think as a child
The boy cried
He looked to heaven
He asked the God
To give hi hand
He cried a lot
He cried till making
Around crying
The physician said,”
That is the medical way
But there is another way
That is your God way”
The boy asked,”
There is a hope?     ‘
Between a lot
Of tears ascended
The physician answered,”

The hope in God is still extend
The guard asked
After wiping his tears
,”How do we get him cured?”


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