Hearts without wings 35

The boy jumped, jumped
They followed, followed
After the man bowed
To take the fallen gun
They ran beside the sits
He jumped over the sits
The passengers sighed and screamed
The boy knew them
The boy recognized them
They were the men of the gang
They wanted to take him
They had to arrest him
He jumped
Till reaching the driver
The two men shouted,''
Caught that thief
Don't let him escape"
When he reached the driver
They shouted,"
Don't open the door"
They ordered the driver
He will get out and turn
Himself in faster
Than any one following
Who could catch the running?"
He reached to the driver
He embraced him
The wheel of the bus
Was behind him
The driver was annoyed
He told the driver
That he was not thief
They want to kidnap and give
His relative order
To gain money so easier"
The driver looked at his eye
The driver saw great intelligent
The driver felt with honest
At his tale and talk
The driver ordered to bow
The boy might do
Another action,
He might jump
He saw the aimed gun
Towards him
Towards his heart
The boy thanked
The driver for his kind
The boy jumped
Out of the nearest
The passengers screamed
,"You will be killed
Let him and dismissed"
The two get anger
They showed their bad temper
They sighted at loud
They asked them
To be more merciful
The boy was out
Caught the boundaries
Of the window strongest
With his two hands
Her legs might touch the rolling
Tires that were tuning
Fastest, so he lifted
Them or moved right or left
Till he found passing
Van with the box behind
While the man with the gun approached
He closed the driver's sight
Who had to turn at side
And take great and sudden
Brake to stop
The passenger's crashed
At the front sits
The passengers shouted
The passengers asked them to stop
The other got out gun
He aimed at them
They had to be calm
The boy jumped at box
As he saw the gun
Was ready and the shoot might be gone
Acting and killing him
He succeeded
The passengers greeted
They clapped strongest
The danger is still found
He jumped beside
Another running one
The man at bus shot
The shot was lost
The gun was downed
As The driver braked
The passengers were shocked
By the front sits
That was not important
The important to see that
Boy was saved
The driver of taxi pointed
The boy went
He reached to the place
Not to the actual place
In spite of driver arguing
To reach him to his place
As he feared the driver might
Be one of gang which he fought
Thus he shorted the wide
Or if the man was caught
He might tell them the road
And he wouldn't be awful
The boy ran faster
The boy entered the garden
Away of its main entrance
He jumped over the boundaries
Made by plants
He reached with feared