Hearts without wings 25

They went to get the treasure
As the boy told
They were differed
They ran and hurried
As the greedy men
Jesus had been a company
By him
He wanted to learn pray
How to thank God and pray
And lived with funny and happy
Even the world, surrounded him
Got ugly
He wanted also to learn asceticism
As he was so eager to be pedant
He asked Jesus to follow him
Jesus accepted and welcomed
They had three breads
By the Jesus' pod
Jesus ate one
His fellow ate one
Then they completed the trip
They had tired
They had to sleep
The man got hungry
He forgot the pact
He opened the pod
He ate the third
Jesus saw what
Had been happened
But he didn't talk
Or even tried to get up
When they get up
They wanted and walked
 They met a great river
The man was feared
Jesus trusted his God
He ordered his fellow
To follow him
Without terrorism
The man walked on the water
He didn't believe that
He was a walker
Over deep river
He wanted to tell the world
To speak, to teach and talk
When they crossed
Jesus told him,"
With the true God
Who saw you that
Who ate the third bread?"
The man swore
With his God,’
He didn't eat anyone
I believed in God
I lied my eyes showing”
They completed walk
They got Hungary
Hungary has one need
That the stomach must be filled
They met a deer
Jesus called at
She came and obeyed
Jesus butchered
Then he grilled her meat
They ate till
The hunger was killed
Jesus ordered
The rest of deer
She returned in complete
She got up and walked
Jesus asked him,"
With your God
Who showed you that
Who ate the third bread?"    

The man swore,'
He didn't eat any one
Jesus said,"
I believed in God
I lied my eyes showing"
They walked along great and wide
Dried and hard dessert
Jesus made three big piles
Of sand
He prayed to his God
They were converted into gold
The fellow asked,”
 Who has those?”
Jesus answered,”
One is for me
Second for you
Third I will say
For who eat the third
Do you know?”
The man answered
Without late,”
I swore with God
I ate the third”
Jesus let him and went
Man asked
,”Why don’t you stay?
And share gold to be happy!

Jesus said, “Gold is the reason
To kill
The happy is not at money
The happy is planted in way
With truth, faith and honest”
I was not created for gold
I was created for my God
He greeted him and went
The man was puzzled
He feared of closing
That could flies
Steal the vapor of it
He turned around the gold
Feared of snake took
Any atom of gold
He feared even to sleep
As wind will chattered it
Or crows carried as they could
Or suddenly hole opened
And sucked it
He wanted to dance
He wanted to celebrate
He sang, he turned
Till he saw two men
When they saw gold
Their eyes opened
They rubbed eyes to look
To believe what they looked
They asked,”
Who has that gold?”

The man answered,”
For me in fact!”
The other said, “For us”
 The man thought in fast
They are two
I am alone
Nothing is worse than one
The Abundance overcome courage
He agreed
They got hungry
They sent one
Of them
They made a deal
To kill him
When he returned
And the treasure
Would be distribute
For two
Better than the three
The man who went
To buy food
He ate there
He put poison at their food
When he returned
They killed him
They ate the food
This was poisoned
The three were dead
When Jesus returned
He found them killed
He said his wise
That was remind
By all guys
He said, ’The greed killed