Hearts without wings

Why do the hearts gain
And loose its benefits proven
Of having wings these were seen
Not by dark but by clean?
That is they could be hid
By fear or by escape
Or they can be destroyed
As the hate can make the worst
Or they can be useless
As the heart fears of dark heart
That can overlap the world
The singer and the beauty
There was a singer
Reminded the words better
Tried to repeat more
Not to forgotten
Acted the song more
As he was between listeners
And try to live in
As the song became his world
He reminded the words good
And sang so easy
When he got on
The stage
He looked at beauty one
He concentrated his eyes
And made her his example
He lived the emotion example
As she was the aimed
Of that good song
He lived in meaning
He tried to get the expressions
To have hands and legs
To be a touched human
He made the hearts flying
Up, up over seen
Or getting down from sad
As the songs got bad
That makes the hearts crying
When you want there
You must have napkins
To wipe your tears
To clean your nose
And cut it from fear or anger as you feel
As you see and hear
The hero was faith
In his job to gain
He got more reverent
When he had a party
One must brought early
To have a sit
Or he had to stand
A long the party time
The singer has his way
To sing and say
Words those came from heart
To dig, root and plant
Into other heart
When the words are amused
The attendants danced as flies
As they kept in their minds
Or listened them more than times
They circled in big circle and singing it happily
They greeted him strongly
As he appeared their inner senses
And get their bad feeling appearing on cry
They could complete the life
Without inner problems
As they got rid of them
When they cried or shared
The songs from the heart