Hearts without wings 23

He looked at them
He cried a lot
He forgot his leadership
He returned to child
He said with spotted sound
He embraced him
He cried, with astonishing
Of the player
The player said,"
What is happening?
They trained me to escape"
The boy looked at them
He said, "Am I late for paying
Your salaries
Or you wanted a present
Or the gang approached
So, they shot at me"
The guard said, "First,
The physician told
To do that
You must forget."
The boy interrupted
He said, "What did
The physician order"
The dragon said,' to let our patient
To go out
And let him
Have fresh air!"
The boy said, "Oaky."
The man said, "What are the shots?"
The boy said, "When I was searching
Some shots aimed towards me"
The guard ran and embraced him
The guard said, "Have you shot?
Their hands must be crippled
He embraced him strong
He said, "God save you my boy!"
The boy laughed
He said, "I got saved
But who will bring the physician
To complete the medicine
The guard said, "I will go!
But you must
Make your eyes at your head
In the middle of it
And don't get out a lot
At least, at that time"
He talked to the boy
The boy agreed
He made his apologize
For his loud sound
The boy went to the tree
To get some money
To pay and get food
When he dug
He found a shiny light
Then the boys' gang surrounded
He tried to escape
He was hurt at head
When he was awaken
He was surrounded by dozen
His mouth was closed
By a strong glued
They asked,"
We know that treasure
You have a lot of money
To buy your cigars
And do as the rank boy
Buying a meat
Eating sweet
Go for amused
At the beach in summer''
The boys' gang boss
Took off a hair of his head,"
He said after high laughing
,''you think that
After you put tones
We believed you
Ha! We did as the police
We put our eyes
We knew every steps
You stepped
Even it was at dark"
He looked at his gang
He asked, "What does he deserve?
  They said,"
He served to get dead
Or to hang from his legs
Or tensioned her beauty her
Making him bold
And strike your head hard
Making it red
 As the monkey's back