Hearts without wings 22

The boy got out in fast
He searched every where
He called at him
The garden repeated its call
He ran everywhere
He searched here and there
He asked every leave in the tree
He asked every bird that flew free
He asked every atom of the sun descending
Spreading warm and getting vapor ascending
To form cloud at high sky over the dark forming
It spread welfare at every point
Making the laughing and getting
The most treasure
The plants
Toe feed the animals and human
To make every person fill with fun
He asked the wind
He ran without mind
Till he heard a shot
Shot came from mad gun
He looked towards
He ran in faster
He tried to know
From where were the shots coming?
He ran in zigzag
He entered the jungle of trees
He climbed a tree
Hiding between its heavy branches
He saw four men entered
They were walking in low and silent
They were not talking
Their eyes were at everywhere
Their breaths could not be heard
One looked around him
He did not concentrated
If he concentrated
The boy would be forgotten
When they passed in adequacy
He called at loud,’’
Monkey were gathered
As well as the men returned
He changed his place in fast
And the monkey hid in place
The men aimed their guns
Towards the places they guessed
But the monkeys had another sight
They ascending like storm
They acted as storm
The gun flew without wings
The men were overlapped at earth
The sun was laughing
The winds blew for fun
The men stood
They tried to run
Where can one run?
From the experience and might win
If he took part in compete
The monkeys  torn their clothes
The men called for help
They knelt for giving up
The monkeys lifted them up
They let them down
They got tired and they looked crippled
When the boy returned
To the room
He found the player there
The two men were there
He screamed at them,’
Where did you go?
I wanted to know
That is our agree
If you went to play as free
I let both of you go”