Hearts without wings 10

Boy was astonished
When he saw the girl
Acted as the bitch
He wanted to be witch
To convert her as the dog
Which brayed for every load
Trying to persuade the viewer
Trying to make the listener
More kindly and more helpful
She bowed to show
Him her chest
She danced in fast
Trying to get her dress up
To get her thighs naked
The boy get anger
He tried to stop hers
The Satan in the past
made to the ship
on Noah  
The paddle to get it sank
The paddle made the ship
Swim accurate and fast
So did the boy
The girl got naked and she wanted
Before the player came
The boy played with the journalist
The boy shot
He got the pattern fallen
The journalist did
He broke a vase
When the player entered
He was surprise
The red color filled his face
He shouted at the boy
He said, "That pattern was important
He bought it with great amount
Of money
This vase was so old
And had historical date
And it couldn’t be evaluating
He shouted at the young
He ordered to going
When the boy went
The journalist prevents
The girl winked
To let him go
The journalist insisted
And the plyer returned him
The girl was naked
She danced more
She laughed and bowed
She lifted her legs
She made a wide stretch
By her legs
She went the expensive bar
That was made by the player
She flowed the wine
The player had no bottle
Of the wine bottle
She put something in it
She argued, she petted
She insisted
The player finally drink
The player was fallen
The boy hid without shouting
Tying to discover
The woman was shouting
Telling the man to search
For that awful witch
The boy damned her as a bitch
As she considered him as the witch
He could hide over the Chandelier
He was good trainer
For his friends to climb the wall