Hearts without wings 37


She sat on the carpet
She stretched her legs
She pulled him downed
He had to obey
Their faces had met
She noticed he might cry
He noticed her green eye
Filled with tears
He gave her a napkin
She wept her tears
She pulled his
She was wore long dress
Under it long pants
As the weather was so cold
He had to put his head
Over her sigh
He felt a strange sense
Since her mother dead
He felt he wanted to get up
Why didn’t he love?
As that was occurred
At films or stories
The authors imagine false
Boy  loved youth
They built all
Bad and worst things
Those were against laws
He remembered at the past
When he had to go the church
He heard the priest told stories
He said his speech
 At the end, he said
The only way to achieve
Your way to love
Is the marriage only
That is the only way
To make your God satisfy
And to be very happy
He looked at her
She was so smart
He asked at himself
,’why does this beauty
Expose to awful persons?”
She put her toes
In his hair
She went hers back and forth
She sang,”
Sleep my little angel
Sleep with happy at single
Combine with funny and clemency
Sleep with heart has beauty
No hate for any
Thing as he is happy
Sleep before the cock wakes
Calling for farmers
Get up to chase
The awful worms
And watered the plants
To thank you at heavens
He wakes up the workers
Go your work
When you go early
You will gain money
More than any
Moment or day
He wakes the pupil
Get up and thank God
For he gives intelligent
Mind to remind
To calculate and find
The good thing for
Sleep my beauty
Morning will come
With his wonder and funny
Dancing every fly
Make the sun gets shiny
And the water moves slowly
To water every thirsty
Sleep my little angel
Thank you only
God who saves you
From any
He was nearly to sleep
But he got up
He screamed, “From any hell
You said that awful”
She cried a lot
She said,”
I loved you
As I don’t love
Anyone at the past
I love you to return
My brother who was killed
 At my eyes
Without any trials
Of me to save him
As I was threatened
And I was caught
By strong men
When I saw the fear
Shined from yours
I remembered him
I saw his shape
I heard his sound
 Asking for help’’
She cried at loud
The player got up
But he imitated that he still slept
She cried and said
,”I do not want anything
I want one thing
To love as your sister
The brother hood is stronger
Than any relation in the world”
She cried and bowed
He looked at hers
He said in law voice,”
I do not want to harm you
But I met women like you
No difference between
So I had to hate you”
She said,”No,no,
The world as you know
Is still full of love
The men who killed mine
Were only men
The men who were the reason
To hurt my son
My brother as I thought
Were men
I found some danger
Some awful matter
But I still love
That world
And I consider
You my only back
At that awful”
She cried a lot
He shared her crying