Hearts without wings 8

Hearts can discover
The hate or the love matter
The heart which is dark or clear
Or which spreads the love or hate manner
The boy and the player
There was a player
He was good and attractive player
He had a lot fans
Who wanted to have his
Sign over their papers, notes and cloths
He was so better
Could play at everyplace
Could play all times
Could change the result
At any places or times
So his competitors filed of fear
When he was in play
He had several move
Those crippled another
Makes him do unexpected
Or got him dawn
By making a strong fault
In spite of great dangerous
He might expose
God gave him strong muscles
Those could bear any harm
He was so proud
That he could not greet anyone
Or look or help poor one
He could not look at woman
As he believed that there is no love
The woman wanted love
To get her desire or money
And evaporated leaving unhappy
Leaving hurt at the heart
So he hardly signed for woman note
 He met a boy at once
The was the street is his house
The land is his bed
The sky is his cover
He lived at the boundary
Of life without no source
Of food or money
He lived by the help of other
He dreamt to play
In a great team and be famous
His car would be elegance
Hi suit will be will made
He will be admired
By everyone at town
The player was passing
His car was stooping
By idle stopped in sudden
He got down getting help
Meeting that boy
He looked at him
With proud and asked,”
Do you know any mechanic?”
The boy looked with concentrated
Asking ,” where is it?”
The player asked, “
Do you understand?
In car and mechanic
The boy looked at it
He opened his cove
The player feared
That the boy couldn’t fix
But with great surprise
The boy could fix
The man thanked
He gave him money
He wanted to be away
He closed the car and ran
He sang and looked
At mirror ,he found!