Hearts without wings 12

the boy and the player
The boy thought
He must get the money
He must make that player
He would do as a play
He remembered that way
Which an old did
When it was an attack
Of the street children gang
He ran in speed
The old man might meet
He appeared on time
He could differed them
By his only old stick
He said and advised,”
Don’t ever fear
Your enemy took steps
And attack will occur
As everyone had greed
Don’t ever give your back
And put a good plane
To get them in fear”
The boy took great vases
Not important how they might worth
The two man and woman were fallen
As they looked back
And tried to get rid of the vase
He jumped and took the bag
He ascended in fast
Like a thunder with wind
That took off every plant
From its deepest root
He saw the lift
He jumped in
The two followed him
The man tried to open the lift
The lift with the boy’s luck
Was completely closed
He was downed
In spite of running out
He hid under the stairs
When the man ascended
He struck his legs with the bag
He jumped over him
He saw a bus
 He moved his hands
To the driver who stopped
He was in
The bus was off
The boy returned to his place
He walked slowly
He noticed a strange move
The fear filled him enough
That he couldn’t think
The children street gang appeared
With their scream
He ran and opened the sink cover
He was downed
He hid the bag hanging
By a rope in small pipe
He was out in wide part
He found he was caught
He took to the gang boss
He asked, “what did you carry?
This bag must contain drug
Or money as I thought”
Suddenly the bag was gotten
It was opened
He laughed as the boss felt
With disappointed
As he found stones
They hurt him in strong
And left him with the bag
He took it and hid
Under big and old tree
The called it the ghost way
As they thought the ghosts danced
Every mid night
But the fear of gang
Overlapped him the fear thought