Hearts without wings 31

The boy cried hard
He didn't look to any one
He forgot any problem
Except that one
The friends consoled him
He looked to the guard
Suddenly he had gone
To bring the nurse
When he saw her
He neglected her
They went and she injected
The player refused
After she argued
After she said," For me, i argue
For my want"
Her voice was soft
Makes the stone
Be soft and kind
The player took and laughed
After she whispered
At his  
The boy got anger
He revolted and shouted
The guard said with amazing,"
Why did you make that trouble?
Do not you want to end that?
Do you want to get him good?
She made his mood
So good
And that we demand"
The boy said,"
That is the stud of the horse
That is making me fear
The horror had my sense
When she had been gone
He said," he will have attached with her
She made him made believe
That she faith
And in no way
In the nearest way
 She will sell him
And let him suffer
And that will relapse
Which may destroy him
And lose every sense
Towards all human
He will convert to wild
Attack without any sense
Attack and get other tired
And fear even from his sight
The guard said, ''Why you judge everyone
With the crime was made by another one
Not all women are the same
The characters may differ"
The boys gang were attendant
The boy looked and cried
After they got out
To let the player get slept
The boy said,''
Did you know the reason of my suffering?
My mother loved me
As every mother loved her son
No over any love for any one
He cried a lot
He suddenly stopped
He looked with wind eyes
He removed mucus
From his nose
With his toes
Making the others annoyed  
He completed and apologized
He said," that is a habit
I learnt
At street"
He continued,"
My mother suddenly dead
And my father was still young
He had to marry
He marries a beauty
Her beauty was scream
Everyone wants to talk
Say a speech and walk
And she knew that
She was busy for her beauty
She was so loved
By my only alive
They used to close the door
Day or night I don't look
As I used to see that
And hear their bad words
And illegal things
I couldn't talk
She knew I was annoyed
She ordered
My father obeyed
I and my sister were dismissed
We were at children refuge
The home was ugly
We were tired so badly
I heard my sister get ill
Finally, she followed her love
Mother and got dead"
He cried hard
He vibrated strong
One of the boys approached
He embraced him hard
Till he got calm
Then he completed,''
I ran and escaped
My ghost of my sister chased
I heard her save me
I heard her arguing me
And I could help at any way"
He cried again
He completed and said,"
The joke I could reach
To the father who was rich
He became so poor
When he saw me
He cried and embraced
Suddenly he ordered
Me to get out
I looked behind
I saw her with her damned
My father followed me
He asked me!"
He cried again
He said, ''What do you expect?"
One said," he must have ordered you to wait
Till he gave you food"
He nodded no!
Other said to give you money
To be good and happy
He said, "No!"
Other said, "He wanted to hang you
To water his yearning!"
The boy cried
He fell to the land
They waked him up
They wanted him to forget
They wanted to get dismissed
He remembered and cried
He cried and called
He said," What did he want?
My support at life ask?
He wanted me to give some money
As his lover will leave him
He will suffer the wide and be"
He stopped for crying
He completed,"
He suffered lonely!"
He completed," 
I was in the road
And I will stay till the end"
He cried again