Hearts without wings 15

The boy said to the man
After he dismissed the animals
The animals were away
The night got calm in away
That you can the strike of needle
Even it fell on the straws
The night might cover
Every worst accident
The harmful might be occurred
The wild went also out
To search their food
A child must obey his parents
The night will be calm
The woman said”
Man could you go now
Go and show hi how
Is the faith in work
Are not we dream that
We will by
A new car
Are we dreaming
That we have home
At the ocean island”
The mean went
He asked about the job
The boy told him
To save that player
From bad drugs
Those he was taken
 By force without any responsible”
The boy completed the speech,”
We must have a muscle one
Who could face his revolt?
When he needed the dose”
The man got trouble
He said, “Will he fight?
Will he get in wide?
Over any image!”
The boy laughed
Saying ,”Are you afraid?
The man denied
Saying with trying
To hide hear fear
,”will we must go to the dragon!”
The boy asked, “Who is the dragon?”
The man said,’’ the dragon
Is jack Edward
Is the strongest man
He could carry the door
And danced as a cowboy”
When they went
They meet one
His arms were thick
As the center of the pregnant
His neck was huge
The guard man asked him
If he could help them
He will get the reward
The dragon aimed the money
The man told the amount
That he would take
The dragon heisted
The dragon asked, “is he dangerous?
The boy answered
,”might be or not
The man hesitated
The boy looked
He looked the owl
Which stood over tree
He called at her
She came near the window
The dragon laughed
,”that is all you do!”
No moment passed
The owls from everywhere came
They would break the window
The man screamed
Arguing the boy to dismiss them
The boy refused
After the dragon agreed
 They went to the building
The boy greeted the guide
They went up
The boy opened the door
He opened his mouth
They heard the door opening