Hearts without wings 7

The meeting
He remembered every thing
He remembered his meeting
He remembered her refuse
He hated her from his heart
He must destroy himself
To get her happy and amused
But how did it occur?
How could he do?
How could man hate himself?
How could man forget the safe
That make his soul fly and will give
The world every good meaning
He must close his heart
He must do the worst
He brought alcohol
He brought all drugs
And tried several trial
But her soul appeared
She ordered, he obeyed
Every worst was smashed
He must be beyond
Of her beauty as he could
And the beauty  forgets the same rank
He was met by hundred
Beauty of every color
Beauty in its word
Naked or semi naked
He advised, they damned
He tried to retired
As he hated the world
He hated to cooperate
He hated to spread love
And he could not get it
Even in illegal and fault
Her soul attend came
Her soul was bright
She ordered to work
To get, might he will meet
Another like her or better
He worked hard
He sang at every place
The world remind his face
The clapping was heard
Right or left down or up
Back or front
His name was mentioned
His success was up
Till his friend told
A news that all refused,”
You must be strong
Your temper must be steel mood
She was dead
In strange accident”
He screamed aloud
He screamed with full throat
He ran every where
He ran and cried
His friends followed
Till he fell to the land
He was shocked
For month till he decided
To return to work
When he sang about love
He was completely downed
He was in hospital
He was ill
The weak hurt his heart
He was prevented to return work
At less for month
But as the crowd asked
As the crowd wanted
To share their happiness and sadness
He accepted
He stood at theatre
He sang a song for soul
Her soul that was clear
He sang from heart
That attacked every heart
The fingers were cut
The hands were blooded
As they clapped them in strong
Suddenly he could not complete
As he reached to a phrase
When I see your face
I became more intelligent
The sun became at my hands
The lights shined from my face”
He cried cried and fell.
Her soul came
She said,” Do not you want
To meet me up
At the place where no hate
At the place where the love
Its symptom without doubt”
In sudden he stood up
He completed his song
By tears by crying
By words getting from heart
Till he reached
A word
,”when I meet you
I will tell the world
That is my clear love”
He fell down he was gone
Their souls were flying up
For clear and faith love