Hearts without wings 21

The boy used to be absent
His mind was chattered
His mind was puzzled
He always prayed to his god
To get him safe and cured
The time was passed fast
He couldn’t catch it
Or equalized
He asked his God,’’
Help me my lord
Return his mind
 Return his health
And make him in the best
All wanted to see him
In good way to be amused
The sport was wide to compete
In honor in faith and be friend
At last, not getting enemy in fact
The hate is forbidden in that
Field except to get win
After the compete ended
The love is reigned the soul
Destroying the player is awful
Getting prize with deceive
Is not beautiful
The world was built by respect
In the past
The field of war was the compete
The scientists recognized
The good men would be ended
They suggested to the emperor
To make field
Of compete and safe without kill
The sport was the invent
The people watched and respected
The looser and greeted the winner
The winner was crowned as the player
The best all over the world
The people got amused
The competitors played without kill
The fitness and happy reviled
And the stories told for ever
Their names mentioned all times
All that the boy red
When he read the book about sport
He was praying in wide
He used to talk to the neighbors
They were the monkeys
They used to circle around him
The dogs the birds, cats were attendant
The rats always were showed
They listened to his prayers
They amused his beauty sounds
They were sad for his
Get happiness for his
The monkeys imitated
They did as he did
Once, when he returned
To the player and showed
No one, he screamed