Hearts without wings 9

He looked at the mirror
He found the boy sitting
He screamed from horror
He asked
,”How do you get in?”
,”by the door”
The man could stop the car
From scratching by front car
He could finally control it
He stopped at a side
Ordering the boy out
The boy argued him
The player ordered
The boy argued
Till he was out
The player got in flat
It was great and smart
Wide and intelligent
Having every comfort
He slept till morning
When he opened
The door, the boy was wondered,
He asked, “How do you in?”
The boy answered,” by the door!”
The man ordered
Him to get out
The boy argued
The man ordered
The boy argued
Till the boy was vanished
The player completed his sleep
Till the phone rang
They would go to celebrate
With his team at hotel
But he must wait
As the journalist might come
What might he do?
He thought thought
He found, found
The boy must be attended
There were two problems
One what is the guarantee
If the boy was not honest
He would stole all
He let him only the iron
And how did he find?
As there was no time
He called at aloud
In spite it was not allowed
And the neighbors got annoyed
When he was out
And called aloud
The boy responded
Thus the boy was entered
The player went to the party
Leaving the flat in hand
Of this strange and wide
The player attendant with fear
Appeared at his face
As he might lose every worth
And he might begin from null
His face was pal
His thoughts was not clear
Till he was called
By a phone
What did he guess?