Flying without hearts 18

They ran fast
Ran than wind
They went to the garden
The boy asked
,”where could we hide
Out those eyes?
We must have enough time
And get away to cure one
Would you help me?”
They looked at each other
They respond in faster
At one sound,”
Yes! Without no doubt!”
He said, “Now! Could we found a place?
Wide, wide of any human
The jinn get puzzled over
The birds sing a harmony
The flowers open at any way
The roses get good feel
The plants are always green
The sounds can be hear
Except the sound of water fall
The pace must have strong wall
Its window has iron rods
That can’t pass the rat by
The door is strong made
And we must keep our eyes
On our hero
The main role will you play
My dearest dragon
As your force is known
You will bring our need
Dear honest guard
And will do as you wish
And demand I will bring
With my pleasure, and let’s pray
To God to get him cured”
The guard looked and smiled
Let’s go now
Let’s see the enemy how
Could we cooperate to beat
The malignity?
I know the room
Having the same properties
Except one fault
It has no W.C”
All laughed all were amazed
The dragon said”
How can one do the cling
Of natural calling?”
The guard said,”
It is easy
As our grand did
In the wide nature”
The boy laughed
Saying ,” That is dangerous!
Could we built W.C”
The guard,” we will do!
They went to sleep
The player at the bed
The three surrounded him
The boy opened the paper
Being written by a physician
It had,’’ the lack of drugs
Causing brain diseases
As the brain depends
On those
When he began to decrease
The amount or prevent those
He would feel with illness”
Treating Withdrawal
When patients first stop using drugs
They can experience a variety of physical
And emotional symptoms
Those include depression, anxiety,
And other mood disorders,
As well as restlessness or sleeplessness
Certain treatment medications
Are designed to reduce
These symptoms,
Which makes it easier
To stop the drug use
 Some treatment medications
Are used to help the brain adapt
Gradually to the absence
Of the abused drug
 These medications act slowly
To stave off drug cravings
And have a calming effect
On body systems
 They can help patients
Focus on counseling
Other psychotherapies
Related to their drug treatment”
The player got up
His eyes were red
He screaming highly
He looked at them
He brushed his skin
He asked for help
He cried till he fell
He bowed
He overlapped the bed
The cups were damaged
He went as made
He tensioned his hair
He looked with anger
The boy prepared the inject
They injected him with drug
Little and had low effect
They sang him a song
The birds were responding
The trees branches were tenfing