Comments on a fly

The words could make photo
It describes in good show
It can get one high or low
The word is known from the past
It gets live or kill
The word can cause ill
The word can amuse and feel
Man flies high or flies down
The good queen stood
When she found her enemies
She cried for help
No one could help
Even these calling for peace
The cold is symptom of the face
Who calling for peace has a reason
Telling that the good queen is the cause
Because she annoyed her enemies
I want to get the self-control
As she was the mean cause
Who could get the self-control
The killed or the killer
The one who had blood been bled
Or who had knife with hand
 The queen said in contour
The peace must have great power
To protect it from greed
The queen demands great
To fight everyone who dream
Or think at his black mind
To attack and occupy the fine
It is her land
It is the best land
As the other show their land
Is the best
The good queen asked
Try to get defended
The great training in army world
Is desired all weather
If the time is good now
It will not go for steady
Make the right man draw”

The queen asked
,”Who could tell me the strange thread”
One said, “The metal thread”
Other said,” the strange thread”
The queen stopped,’
She said and remarked,”
The spider thread”
The all was puzzled
They whispered and said, “
How could it be
As that thread is the weakest?”
The queen stood and said ,’
It mentioned as I guess
In holy Quran speech
Telling that the weakest is
The spider house”
All was silent
All wanted to get science
She said,” the Islamic scientists
Believe at their minds
That the spider
Are the weakest
As the threads are the main foundations
Till the American scientist
Made research ad got advanced
The scorpion threads are the strongest
He made a bullet protector
The Islamic scientists were silent
As this scientist proved
The liar of their explain
of the Quran verses and its mean