The hearts without wings


There are hearts
Having wings
To fly in everyplace
Checking every face
Looking into the hearts
Knowing the true or false
They travel away
Cannot be surrounded by boundaries
Cannot be stopped by dams
Cannot be prevented of look
At sky over every look
They had rosy sprit
They are clear as child
They movie fly up
With not ever stop
As they so clear and polite
When they are led by mind
And obey their God
They could not be deceived
They can cross the jail
They can look after chest
And look for the clearest
The time may be awful
The time gets puzzle
With clear heart
Makes the world happy
Makes the flies funny
Makes the trees be green
 Why is the moon completed?
As he saw the heart in clearest
Why is the sun shiny?
As she saw heart in happy
Why are the birds singing?
As they share the heart bearing
And they say
The world is the worst
It is moving is steady
It is singing in harmony
Live the life in happy
And forget every
The clear heart came
Converts the solid into soft
Making the bad, good
Destroy every devil
Do you hear
The music play
Saying there is no place
To get scoul in the face
It orders the man to be easy
Forget every offence
Looking in forward steps
These making the peace
The all world
The time is funny
It is passed un hurry when love fly
Spreading its wings
Saying in clear sounds
Let us have a break
Of hate
Of damage
Of war
Of taking off
Of clear hearts
That is the wish
Can you approach