Hearts without wings 39

The donkeys brayed
The garden plants repeated
And the sounds were magnified
The dogs barked
The sounds were enlarged
The hearts might be lowed
The monkeys screamed
In high and thin screamed
The sounds were great
The hearts were kidnapped
The attack was stared
The big donkey gored
The big muscle and lowed
Him into the land
The boys' gang laughed
The donkey don't stop
He rammed him hard at his head
Then the donkey urinated
The boys laughed a lot
The monkey appeared
They lifted that up
They dropped him hard
They lifted him up
High, high over the top
Of high trees could be looked
They let him to drop
With scream of boy arguing
They didn't remark
As they were playing
The man was hurt
Another was lulled
Right and left down and up
They struck him hard
At every tree around
He cried and argued
They didn't stop
They lifted him up
They let him dropped
He scratched the tree plant
His body was hurt
He cried
Cried a lot
Then he imitated he was dead
Or lost his feelings
They didn't believe
They put him in a lake
His body filled with mud
He got very black
As he might got from kiln
The third was caught
He was downed and up
Through every tree top
Or every tree down
Then they made him as mop
They swept the yard
By his body
With great laughter
They tied every tip
Of his hands and legs
They stretched him hard
Till he was lost
They tied him beside
The other friends hard
The other made him as a ball
Throw him from hand
To hand and leg
They threw him long
Or may be in short
He might be dropped
And get hard hurt
That was not important
Then they made him as a door
They tied his hands up
At the tree branch
The legs might touch
The down floor
They the donkeys rammed
His back hard
He was cried
From pain that was great
He lost his mind
He was tied
The dogs
Came is fast
They bit them hard
Making their back red
Then they were transported
Out of the yard
They were moved
To the nearest road
The boys celebrate
But there was one sad
He felt with dangerous
Got nearest then before
The player was amused
He didn't look
Or watch as that before
He trusted the boy
He clapped his hand hard
All were gone
Except the boy was slept
From big tired
The player was in
He dreamt that old
And wise monkey brought
That was smiled and laughed
Touched the head od the player
It put some mixing plants
And rubbed the player's forehead hurt
There were two monkeys
They caught the player strong
They opened his mouth
The old put some sol
The player was screamed
The boy got up with fear
He remarked monkeys running
He looked and got astonished
The player was lied
Out of the room
He looked at him
He found his forehead
Had some rubbing plant
He didn't believe his look