A fly 11

The good queen collected
Her war council
The most of them were old
They could hardly look
They slow in their walk
The sounds vibrated in talk
The hands shock in move
They put the defense plan
They used a new weapon
They tried to hide from open
They got ready
They stood in rows
They hide their secret gun
The attackers came
In speed in fast
They aimed their guns
The planes pumped strong
They destroyed every inch
When they approach
The defenders get the hide
It became seen
It was out of mind
It was flower
Every soldiers carrying flower
Every soldier having smile
The attackers thought it was a mock
The attackers get the telltale
That was their gun
They attacked with cold blood
They attacked without heart
The killing increased
The injuring appeared
The war assistance entered
He was fallen dawn
For his fast of walking
He said with sad voice
After she obstructed with natural smile
,”Are we achieved victory?
Are we established satisfy?
Is the peace becoming fact?”
The war assistance said
After he had a seat,”
The greed has no heart
The attack used his power
To get down the other
They spread the ruin
In every inch and span
What is your suggestion?
Using the arm weapon!”
She said after thinking,”
 I afraid that they will name
 The nation that spread terrorist!
No! Let them attack!”
The army of hate advanced
The army of hate moved
As the skin in soft
They approached the palace queen
When they approached to kill
She said her last commandment
,”every nation must have defended
Arm ,gun, pumps  weapon
To get your wealth safe
Must have strong and army enough
Not only to protect but to get them feared”
The war ended
The revolts of good nation gathered
They decided not to product
Silk, cotton or wool
The talker of Security Council
Said with clear sound,”
We must not obey terrorist person
As they will do the worst
Even we walk with naked’
The revolt council decided
To return their product
As their God ordered
And any creature had no reason
To be punished or jailed
The heaven put its word
The heaven appeared its anger
The anger winds blew
The tree moved in faster
She tended downer
To attack the flies
The sheep gathered
The good worms collected
They attacked by hands
By tongues by arms
They attacked without fear
They prayed to God
The good creatures gathered
The elephants were attendant
The green resisted
The leaves chased the awful
They ran in fast
The world returned its calm
They thanked their God!”
the end