A fly 9

The dangerous queen stood,” 
She asked another one
Who could tell at once
If there is another kinds
Of clothes these can be worn?”
Mo on could answer
They were all silent
The good place there
Stood and answered,’
There are a lot of types
There was linen
Those were used by
It was worn
And used for all
There were leathers
Of animals
Those were hunted
After that
As many attacks
And bad insects
Destroy the cloth
They invented cloths
By mixing natural cloth
Wool and cotton
After that they invented
and METALLIC thread
it is strong and RELIABLE
but it needs to be careful
when iron
as it needs low heat
heavy duty is strong,
heavy duty thread
which is RELIABLE
it lives long time
they all against harmful
or bad worms
they could be as
silk or wool
they could be used
in winter or summer
they invented this cloth
which is resisted the fire
they succeded to invent
cloth which was cleaned
They can resist bad infects
The worms has no affects
On these new cloths
They entered in all sides
Of clothes and dresses
The bad fly stood  
Saying a common word,”
We must prepare for war”
The god place funny
The calm covered every inch
The minister of defense entered
She was an old fly
Wearing thick glasses
Walking depending on
Stick and walking with limping
He hardly talked
With vibrated hands,’
The bad flies kidnapped plant”
Her assistance followed
She was an old
Her back was bowed
She said,”
They kidnapped a sheep”
The good queen decided
To collect war consultant