Hearts without wings 11

The boy stayed clam
Till the the thunder got calm
Till they tired of finding him
They went at speed
The woman sputtered on the player
Damned him with bad words
When the home is silent
He jumped and approached
He tried to get him up
But there is no hope
He slept beside him
After he covered them
He heard the door open
He jumped and got up in sudden
But at this moment over the cupboard
He was so calm
His breath was not heard
Fear was established filled
Every span of his little heart
The woman with journalist got
She got injection out
She injected the player and said
,”our boss is so stupid
I told to get him killed
It is so easy and fast”
The journalist said,’
The world champion football is nearest
 This is the most important
If we killed him
The investigation will be done
And if they know the fact,
The relation between two nations will be
If he appeared as he took drugs
He will be hated and dismissed
Of the national republic team
And he will be surely refused
He will be neglected
All people looked at him
With down and bad look
He will n ot be important
He will be died at the end
This injection is so strong
It can’t be cured”
The boy sighed in spite of himself
The boy was in state of unsafe
The man said,” there is something
Or strange nearing”
The boy opened big bag
With fast and silent got
He zipped it off
And let a small hole to breath
They searched and found nothing
The boy heart was in violent
In fear and revolt
He tried to get his breath silent
They said. ’Let us search
About something worth
They could reach the case
They opened it and wanted
To steal it in speed
They put some of them in a bag
And went down with calm
The boy didn’t stay looking