Hearts without wings 28

He said, “Try to think
At you future
What would you like
To be,
When you grow up?
One of them said,”
I would be a physician
 As my God cures
I would describes
A syrup and Analgesic
Then, I will good rank
My name will attract
Most patient people”
The boy said,”
That will work
For some patient
When God
Late curing
You will be known
As deceiver person
Your hospital or clinic
Empty of any visitor”
 The boy completed,”
Obey your God
Study hard
Attend conferences
Bring researches
You will famous
You will be thanked
By all tongues
The salary is not important
The important
People be cured”
The second said,”
I want to player
Play well and do goal
Passing alone
Score goal
And be famous”
The boy said,”
That is wrong
The play is cooperate
As life in doing
When you play alone
You will be hated
By your friends
You will be attacked
By another team
You will be surrounded
By a lot of them
Your effort
Will be out”
The other said,”
I will be a painter
Drawing and paint
The natural and people
 Imitate the famous
Adding a little
To be famous
As well as them”
He said,”
Wrong, wrong
Drawing is inner feeling
Reflecting inner sense
Appear at your work
When your sense is faith
You get more fans
Your pattern
Will be put
At valuable exhibition”
Another said,”
I will be officer
All criminals will be caught
There will be no mercy
If the criminals
Deserve to be dead
I will do it
Without hesitate”
The boy said,”
Officer’s job
Is decreasing or preventing
The crimes occurring
And controling the traffic
Preventing any crowd
And governing the playgrounds
Preventing any crush
Between two crowds
You will be the waken eye
Who help any one
Ask for help”
Another saying,”
I will be a soldier
Preventing the enemy
To be away
From my land
I will make it strongest         
Than any one
I will try
To destroy another
The life must contain
My nation only
I will sell the weapons
To other and make temptation
To get wars between others
To show the world
That my land is advanced
And others are late
They deserved to be killed
Thus my land
Get more money
It will be advanced
And the science will be higher”
The boy said,”
Good, good
To protect your land is good
To get your land advanced
To make the science at higher rank
To destroy another
To spread war and differed
To make another
These are all bad,’
They said,”
We will do the best
Obey our God
Study,study,work hard
And work day and night
To make our country
Is the most beauty
And our nation
Is the advanced nation!”