Hearts without wings 14

The boy told the guard
He will make great favor
Not only for him
But also for human
The drugs are killing
The drugs are dangerous
If we could get one
We will get great respond
To our God favor
And beat the awful devil”
The man said,”
What is your guarantee
If I take this money
And tied you
Till the police comes
And arrest you”
The boy laughed
He said,
You couldn’t
As I saw your unfaith
I will attack you”
At the past
When the boy was chased
He ran, ran fast
Till he approached at witch
Old man always came at night
Stayed at the awful tree root
Till the owl said its call  
He went out
Walking slow and step by step
He was hidden at nearest
He felt a strange and strong hand
Catching him
He tried to run
He looked and found
The old man stood
Putting his fore finger at his lips
Saying,’’ Huschhhh!”
The boy was feared
But some calm began
To cripple at himself
The man said in low sound,”
Don’t be feared
Our God will protect us
Then I will face
And thus
You can do this”
He called,””
With loud sound
He found all dogs birds, rats
And also the enemies of them cats
Gathered around them
The boy got so fear
He became so near
That he wished to hide
In the old himself
That reflected his fear mood
The old man pointed at piles
The crowd of animals attacked
They converted it into pieces
He said with vibrated sound
 “How, how did you do this?
The old man said,”
You must love them
Give them mercy and feed
Making them feel as you
One of them”
The boy kept that at his mind
He experienced it
Till the actually day was coming
He shouted, “
The animals and birds gathered
The man and wife feared
They stuck by each other
The boy said,”
Could I complete?”
The two said with horror,”
NO, please!”
The woman said,”
Man! Go and help him
How much will you pay?”
The boy said,”
First! We must dismiss these!
He aimed at them
They went away
The boy said, “five thousand per month!”
The man said,” Six!”
The man said,” Eight!”
The woman let us
Say seven thousand!”
That will be good
The man said,’’my work
At the garden”
The woman said,” I will do it
Till you return
If any inspect comes
 The telephone will be called”