Hearts without wings 33

The player was a lone
The player saw no one
He lost his hope
To find the right road
He screamed at loud
Then he got frustrate
He looked at high
The branches were embraced
He believed that he was forbidden
To look and pray
He asked his God,"
Why should I suffer?
Why did I get that matter?
And lose the hope of life
I can't even find my road
The time so passed
Speed or slow
That is what
I do not know
I want to get
My right name
My true and fact
About my act
Am I useful?
Fame and beautiful?
Or am I criminal?
Feared the all?
And they get amused
To do this act
To destroy me
I am not that
Player who acted
Flying in play ground
And moving at every court
The legs known its way
The ball stuck and goes to his way
And he is fast
Like a tiger in fact
Am I him?
That is wrong
That is not fact
God help me
God you have mercy
For all weak
As me"
He bowed to the land
He stretched himself
Slept under tension itself
He went into sleep
The boy got out
The boy lost his mind
He screamed aloud
He found at sky
He looked at heaven
He prayed in weaken
Showing his sad
He said,"
My hope is not bad
 I wanted to get him good
Not awful or bad
 I tried to do my best
To get him got
But he was lost"
He cried a lot
He bowed and knelt
Putting his head
Between his legs
Covering his with his hands
He lifted his head
He completed and said,'
I looked around
The devil was found
He has his word
He does what he wants
And the good was hid
God,God help me
God I am so weak
To have all shock
Why do boys get with gold
Spoon at their mouths?
And other look for sand
To put in mouths
Why do those who wants to pray
Prevent in doing?
And who want to dance
Go with elegance
I want welfare to all
I will not hurt anyone at all'
He screamed at loud,"
Ha,ha ,hhhhaaaaa"
The Monkeys gathered
He pointed with his hands
Some monkeys went
They brought dogs
They was ordered
To search around
To ask any animal
To ask any fly
To search at land
To look at sky
To get hand from trees
And branches and leaves
The wind will share with blows
He prayed to God
The all were off
They got off as thunder
They were fast
As well as the wind
The searched to find
They searched with all power
They searched under rocks
 They searched over palm
They asked any walk
They tried to get enough
Knowledge to get him in fast
Finally they found him
He had to return
The boy still crying
Hiding his head between his legs
When he heard the player talking
He got up as a mount
He got up as he could
They were embraced
 After days
He prepared match
Between two team
The monkeys did the team
He let them watch
The player attended
The monkey was wearing
The same No. ,the player was wearing
The match was beginning
The boy trained them good
The monkey who had the No.
Playing so fast
It was admired
By who attended
The match was ended
The player had not rembered