Hearts without wings 24

 The boss off boys’ gang
Called Aldrich
He said to the boy,”
If you don’t tell us
The truth
You fall in deepest well
Deeper than any well
You can think or imagine
You will hate you name
And you will forget it soon
You will look everywhere
You will find our faces
You will think and guess
And pray to get Peace
The pain will be your friend
We will take your brow
One by one
You will walk without one
Hair at your beauty brow
Look and bow
Asking me mercy
From mine”
The boy pointed to mouth
They untied that stick
The boss said
If you do worst thing
You will not see the road
Till the life end”
The boy lifted his head
,”He said with courage
Stay calm without talk”
The boss laughed and said,”
Look at this prince
Who comes from north
Europe to give us
Lesson how to speech”
He looked angrily
He said at loudly,”
You take this damned
And imitated the worst
Rich men who talked with proud
They are so blown and looked
At the end of their eyes
And talked with order
As they talked from higher noses
You dream to have that car
Wide, wide and close the way
It had special road to go
You wanted to as that one
Who elected after great promising
To his whom elected
And don’t pay attention to anyone”
The boy said, “wait and hear
Without exiting speech
Without proud that lead to the revolt
And get nothing and get no respect
Do you want persuade
Them you are the leader?’
The boss approached and hit him
At his face with strong
Hand making his face turned
The boy looked at him and
Opened his eyes and talked
In anger,”
You my proud leader
Lost a big one
Treasure hides beside”
The gang went and hurried  
  The boy looked and ordered
 ,’’stupid! Come and untie me
I will then help!”