Hearts without wings 32

The boy cried
He looked to the boys' gang boss
He said," that is boy
Who suffered from a female
Her sister and he had a lot of money
But he was young
His sister was contrast to satisfaction
She was so greedy
She looked as ugly
Monster who wanted to vanish
The deer without any
She recalled her husband
She made a big crime
She put her brother out
Of sight or look
Land, can't be reached by a walk
By human or jinn
But the God wanted him to live
And he could walk and leave
The deserted land
He reached to that kind land"
He stopped for second
He completed
," And that
His mother wanted to travel
To see the world at
His father leaved and married another
The sacrifice member
 Is only the mother
But she didn't
She put them out
She told them uncle or aunt
Will come to guest them
She went and traveled
The night passed
The night controlled
The legs were lighted
The wolves in human appeared
They were differed
He didn't what the other did?"
He cried
He completed after stop
,"and that player
Who injected him
With bad drugs?
Was not a woman!"
He cried again
The guard said,
After he folded
,"You must look at the world
With that pessimist
The world is full of good
The love still says his word
The hate will be out
There is a lot of good
Woman that she fought shark
She attacked with her power
To save her son between its teeth
The another who donated her bones
To save her son from Osteoporosis
Don' look to the world
Behind black glasses
The world deserves to live
With happy and don't leave 
Without put your sign
To make the other know
You merit to have fine
After some days
The boy entered
He found no person
He screamed hard
He screamed from heart
The guard had slept
Sleep as he was dead
He couldn't walk up
The boy ran in fast
The boy ran and searched
At every inch or yard
He cried a lot
The player escaped
At night,
He found no one
The guard had slept
The dragon went for work
He had to escape
He told him self
When the sun rising dug at night
When the soldiers of dark ran from fight
The player escaped
He ran, ran fast
He could not reach to the end
As when he walked
He returned to the same point
He screamed aloud
He asked
,"Who am I?
I can't be that player
I can't even walk
Long distance
I can't be child
My face does lead to young
My characters are not for child
I can be guard
As guard had work at night
To guard
The worth and important
Who am I?
I can't be as dragon
He had strong muscles
His strongest is seen by eyes
Who am I?
Someone tells me
I am fine
How can I be fine
Without know
Who am I?" be
My age is not