Hearts without wings 20

The boy said, "That is O.K.
You should not take
The inject and look
After you have eaten
If you don't
You have no inject
"Dudo" cried
Dudo prayed
He called his God
To take him
He asked him,"
Why didn't he
Rest him
From that life?
What did he have done
To have that pain?
He was living in life
That can't be negative''
The boy stopped him
He asked him,"
What does that life,
He was living?
The player bowed
His vibrated head
He tried to wipe head
By tied vibrated hand
He laughed at loud
The boy astonished
He asked," what a matter?"
The player respond,''
Did you see that butterfly?
She was chasing big elephant
He passed from the holes of needle
He was crying to get independent
As the flies occupied his
He was calling, justice, and justice!
The rabbit was the council of security
He called the judge
To get his balance
With clear and confident
Didn't you see the frog
Lead the boat
With honest and strong?
She faced the black captain
Who tried to attack  
And take the necklace
Which is important
To make a thread
For his plane
Did you see the tiger?
He was a plyer
At football play!"
The boy obstructed
He asked, "What is the position
He played
The player tried to wipe
His fore head
By his hands which were tied
He cried, cried
He said, "What is position
Football is for playing
You kick
What does one kick?
OH! You kick your world
And when you need
You ran after it
In mad way"
The boy cried
After giving his back
He tried to hide
His sadness that would appear
When he remembered the player in fair
The player asked
,"why did not you
Let me go
To know where
The rain go
As the sea
Wanted to know
Where does the rain go?"
The boy laughed
He turned and walked
He said and frowned
,"Eat first and complete!"
The player laughed
The player asked,"
 When can I take the inject?
Will not you say?"
The food was prepared
It was contained
Proteins and vitamins
Those give power
It has a material
To refresh the mind
He would find sweet
That attract
Your stomach
To eat it
In compete"
"Dudo laughed
He said,
I remembered
One thing
The mother of ant
Prepared soap
It was hot
She had to blow
But her teeth
Was fallen

She asked her son
To get help
He said a word
Male has no role
She had ladle
She had her teeth
Another was fallen
Her daughter up
She wanted to help
The ladle was fallen
 The hot soap distributed
And hut, hurt
The tear ascended
Getting a tree
The tree was green
It was small
The daughter drank'
The boy said,
"You must eat
And have sleep!