The hearts without wings

 The good man discover diseases

He prayed to his god
He continued in fast
Every Monday and Tuesday
He helped poor one
He didn’t curse any one
He didn’t damn the time
That had gone
His tongue spoke good word
He described the time well
He always thanked his God
As he created in that
World that is good
The heaven gave him 
An advantage as a reward
For obeying his God
For setting in mosque
For mentioning his God
He could saw one
He could describe his suffer
And solved bad manner
He could describe disease
Even it was in selves or souls
Even he didn’t want to speech
He described the disease
And get the medicines
The men got in happiness
He didn’t mention that reward
Till he sat with closely friend
Exchange speech and talk
He told that secret
As talking as saying
As wasting the time
As showing the proud
The result was he couldn’t see
The inner self
And got safe
He returned to pray
Without honor or proud
Getting the modesty
That makes you happy
And others loved
You and your heart