Hearts without wings 30

The boys were amazing
They greeted the player strong
They danced and circled around
They shouted and sang
The song was very good
It was very proud
It tension ed the minds
It said, "salute the good
Salute the fair play
Admire the talented
Don't forget
To imitate
In play and look
In eat and talk
In run and walk
Love him as
He was gifted"
They looked at him
They said,''
You must not be proud
You must love the world
Spread the good character
Say the good word
Thank or mercy
No damned or go away
The lover wants
To get your sign
To give them smile
To get your hand
When they need your help"
They danced
The player was amazed
He said,"
Why do you talk
To me?
I am not him
I cannot do as him
He runs faster
I can't run ten meters
And coughing leads me to earth
I can't even shoot the ball
Or stop it at all
My bread is long
My hair is not styling
My moustache covered my lips
And I walk in weak
Let me and go!"
The boy got out and cried
The boys fondled him
The physician came
He said, "He must expose
To sad or happy accident
That may help
To return some of his mind"
When he went
He returned and said,"
I forget
You must get a nurse
To inject him
In different way
That is the way
To livened his memory
And make him please"
The boy said," male nurse and female"
The physician said after laughing,"
No male nurse at all"
The boy said, I hate female"
The physician said,"
She didn't touch you
She will inject under the skin
Do you do that thing?''
He said, ''NO"
He said," as you know
You must get one"
He asked," did you know
 They said, "No!"
He said," I will send you
The boy looked to The man and guard
,"Here are your salaries"
They looked at each other 
They said," No!
He looked, "No! why?"
He completed
"Are those lower?
I will increase them"
They said," no!
We love him
We love our job
We will work without reward
We will work for God
Help in spreading the love"
The boy said," all of you have wife
First question they will ask
Where is the money?
If you want me
You must have money
The love does not give happy
When the poor is present"
The guard said," aaah! You hate them
They are so beauty
The love is here
When she is here
She makes the world sing
She spread every good thing
She gets your heart dance"