Hearts without wings 2

The time is passed
Knocked, knocked as the heart
Talking aloud saying one word
At the same time
Your life is second
When one passed
It means it can’t be return
The heart feels
With happy or sad
The heart could distinguish
Between the best and the worst
That may be the wish
The good man discover diseases
There is a good man
Set beside a tomb
A tomb for a good
He prayed his God
The man asked himself
How did he approach
To love his God
He red that good
When he went to wish
His wish will be achieved
That man knew his God
He tried to do the best
And be away from the worst
The enemy attacked his land
They destroyed, fought and occupied
His army returned with shame
They surrounded him to protect
Not him but themselves
He advised them in a word
Stopped of getting back
You must be forward
Your God will only help
Who works and ask to help
Not that one sets
Without doing and praying
As the ant saw
A big sugar over amount
She dream to eat
She sat and imagined
She prayed hard
There another ant
Who looked and planed
She tried and fell
She fell and tried
At the end she succeeded
She prayed to the God
At every step to be succeed
Finally she took
The setting ant cried
That is mine
Who could take care or mind?
He spoke to them go and fight  
If you dead
You will at heaven
If you get safe
Your nation will celebrate
And you be carried over shoulders
As heroes
The soldiers got and fought
But one of them caught
The arm of the good
Saying to him,”’
Praying to your God
To get victory to your land
The good man prayed
Asked his God
To get the victory
To his nation and land
After some hours
The signs of victory appeared
When his nation got
The victory
He prayed to his God
To get him dead
As he became known
The good men must be unknown
As they are humble
And must be hid
To pray to God
As well as they could
The good man finished
His prayer and he dead