Hearts without wings 41

The nurse looked with wide eyes
Her puzzle in mind reflected with trying
To get the bag fallen in spite of preventing
She said to him, "I could try
And take care of even worst
The criminals, I could remark
Even he had bad intent or bad guy
I will stop at his limit
I could inject all injection
I could deal with hard section
The worst burning and worst accident
That the most nurse ran and escaped
I could translate every ill
And describe the true way
To get cured after the physician visiting
But to describe the medicine
I will try to call the physician"
She felt with disappointed
She put the phone and felt
There was no hope
The animals surrounded her
The boy the guard the dragon
All argued her
She walked in specific road
She asked, 'if I try?"
They answer," we will obey
Every order you say
Every word you say
Every look you demand!"
She completed, "if I fail!"
The boy said, "We know
 You will do
Your best to gain
His save and cure
Him from his suffer!"
The boy completed,"
Before I know you
I hate to even talk
With your kind
As I have knowledge
And I have experienced
That the dealing with female
Is the worst thing
Of the world
But you can bear that
And achieve our demand"
The dragon said,''
Everyone has kind heart
Like you
Giving the happy
Without any reward
What do you want?
What do you demand?
To achieve our want
We considered you
The one of our group
Who does her best
To get that player cured"
The guard said,"
I accepted to be her
As I want to get one reward
That was mentioned
The player was cured
After he was gotten sick
We make our effort
To get him saved
Isn't sufficient
To achieve the happy
Making the world funny
By facing the unhappy
That was causing
By worst devils
Those make the universe
Gone downwards!"
The nurse still hesitated
Till the monkey make great dance
They circled around
The dogs ran and walked
On two only legs
The donkeys lifted tails
They brayed'
The nurse laughed
She hardly accepted
The boy ordered
To get computer”
She said,” I will go
To get it’
The boy said,”
No! Stay calm”
He ordered,”
Go and bring one
At speed and come”
They went in hurry
They returned with funny
We entered the shop
We made a quarrel
Our sound was loud
We made a cloud
Of our bodies
One stole apparatus
He had musk
His face was hidden from a look
 We borrow it
We will return it
After the emission will end”
They went
The nurse sat
Over the plants
She said with sorrow
How could I do?
How could I accept
To do that thing?
That was out of mind
That makes me as an animal
Suddenly an old monkey came
He sat in front
She was busy in preparing
The computer and get linked
With national internet
When she lifted her head
She found it smiling
Opening his big mouth
He felt that was monster
She said with oath
I didn’t see that, in oath
She screamed in loud voice