Heart without wings 16

The dragon asked the boy
,”How did you know that
He have the drugs inject?
The boy said,”
In simple
If he had injected with poison

He will get hurt and go out
Of that awful life
If he had cured inject
He will get up
With great power
That is the fact
If he had hormone inject
He surely would not sleep
So that s my look!”
The guardian man said,”
Let’s have a look”
They looked at him
They got great surprised
The player is slept
He was between life and death
Suddenly they heard the steps
Inner the flat
They hid till they found
The man and the woman approached
The boy ordered the both to deal
The dragon attacked the man
Who tried to get the gun
He shot but the man caught
The gun away
The dragon hurt him n strong
The man mind was away
The woman tried to run
The boy ran and fell on front
She wavered and fell
She was great fighter
She stood in faster
She hurt the boy hard
He was downed
She wavered in walk
Fell down, she looked
 The men caught
Her and she argued
To let her go
They closed her mouth
With strong sticky and tied
Her army behind hers
The boy moved his hands
As he feared she used
They asked her
What drugs does she inject?
By hands move
She didn’t answer
They opened her bag
They got the bottle
There is another
The boy got the inject
He filled it
He injected the player with half
She was injected with another half
The man took all the another inject
The guard brought his car
While they hid in a place
The six moved far
The player, the guard, the dragon
The boy, the woman and man
Were gone
They threw the man and woman
They went to pharmacist
They asked
He answered
He could not talk
They argued
He refused
The guard got the gun
The pharmacist answered
After he went
The guard a afraid
He ordered him to lift
His hands up
And they would brought
What he needed
He opened the book
He red the bottle
He struck the desk
The shot was out
As the guard feared
The pharmacist asked
 ,”Was he so important?
They told him
He struck his head
His face filled with fear