Hearts without wings 6

The dare
He stayed with her
Looking  at her
He admired her
She refused hi offer
She refused to get a divorce
And married him at once
She said, “love with respect
Means everything
Love without respect
Means smash to the earth
What is the difference
Between me and that bitch?
He asked to be his lover
Without knowing any one
Even he was jinn or human
She will gain wealth
And made her sad
And convert his bad
To be good
He will not forget
Her great offer”
She refused and said
When my God
Asked me
Why I did that?
What could I say
The body was created by God
To get amused by husband
Other one else
It will overlap the land”
He cried a lot
He husband approached
The singer went
The husband asked
After he greeted,’
Why was he crying?”
She said,”
Because he wanted me
To share his celebrate
At theatre stage”
He heard him when he went
Why didn’t you accept?”
The voice was lowed
As he went out
He bought every drug
Expensive and cheap
He bought a lot of wines
He refused to attend
Any party and cancelled
Any future party
He closed his doors
The room had dark colors
He prepared everything
He began to have a drug
Her beauty soul appeared
Ordered him to throw that
To pour the wines at sink
You must wash your head
And begin new born
If we couldn’t marry
The marriage of souls
Is clearer than the bodies
The body meeting is shortest
The love of souls is continued
For that world and last”
His man brought him a dozen of smartest
Women ,he chose
He learnt them to get
Him amused
When they entered
Some of them were naked
Their cloths were not enough
Others wore long dresses
But naked at the chest
They sat and he entered
He asked,”
Why are you here?
They said,” to get you amused
To choose of us one or more
To be your lover
We are your slaves
Order and we will give
You your want”
He looked at them he repeated again,”
Why are you here?”
They responded,”
to get you amused
To choose of us one or more
To be your lover
We are your slaves
Order and we will give
You your want”
He laughed much
He repeated
They did
He looked at them
He said,’
Look! Honey
Your beauty is blessing
From heaven
To thank him
You must get
One amused your husband
One was talkative
Said in native
,”if one does get
He answered,”
Obey her God  
He will give
Her want!
Your beauty could build
  Strong nation
That will mention
All over tiomes”
When they out
They were responded
They were met
A priest
He talked about prayers
He talked about God
He didn’t talk about sex
When man met woman in intercourse
He is not smart
He looked so rude