Hearts without wings 13

The boy went the guard
Who guarded the garden
He knocked the door                                                         

His wife opened it
She got surprised
She said with astonished
The brother of the burned
As she was the blood
Covered his face
His body was swollen
Red and blue were his skin’s colors
His lips were so big
One could see the blood   
Covered his cloth
She pushed him with her hands
He was sitting
She tried to cure the pain
And remove the blood seen
And return his spirit
The guard was astonished
He asked, ”what is going? “
How could you help?
He might be a thief
He asked him,”
Who are you?”
The boy acted as a weak
He said, “I am the street boy!”
The man asked, “who did that?’”
The boy answered,”
The street gang!”
The man surprised,”
Am not I told?”
The man ordered him to dismiss
The boy cried
,”I want your help!”
The boy looked to the woman
He argued her to help
She could believe
She said,”let him and give
Some food to eat”
The man said,” then he will steal”
The boy said, “no!”
“Listen and wait
Till I finish my talk!”
The boy comleted
The man said,”
That is O.K”
The boy said,”
I have a job
For you to work”
He man laughed
He said,”
Will you give me thousands
Of stones, scorpions and ants”
The boy said,” thousands of dollars”
The man said with surprise
,”one hundred thousand”
The boy laughed,”
Three thousand at a month!”
The man said, ’Do you awake
Go and wash your face!”
The boy lifted his shirt
He got an amount of dollars
The man said,”
So! You are thief
Go out and do not you
Show you your face!”
The boy said,”
Let me complete my phrase!
The woman argued
The boy said,” to guard “Gorge dudo”
The man said,”
Who is Gorge dudo ?
His slept boy
Came in and said,”
Gorge dudo could you send
Him my greeting
And get him her assign
At that t shirt,”
He ran to the boy
Arguing him not to be away!"