A fly 8

The queen of hate said,”
How can we get the silk cloths?’
Her nation were silent
The good nation answered,’’
The silk fly must stand
And answer that matter”
She stood and moved
With fondness and admiring of hers
She caught the mirror to check her make up
She stretched her lips out
To show how the red lips accurate?
She tensioned her checks with her fingers
In spite of putting powders
She moved with crier
She looked around
She said as she forgot,”
What is your demand?
Dear majesty!”
The crowd sighed 
They astonished when she said
The minster stood
Bright cloth and said,’
My queen wanted
To explain
How do you get silk?”
She stretched her tall
She said with bowed,”
Dear majesty
Thank you very ,very
What is very?”
The attendant sighed
 They said,”yeaah! At loud!”
The minister stood and apologized
He said in smotth,”
Please, tell us how do  you get
The silk”
She said
After rubbing her hair
Then she ordered hers
She said,”
The silk is an expensive cloth
It was wore by princess and kings
The queens wore them
They celebrated with great colors
The colors may be shiny”
The minister stood,’’
And said ,”that is good till us
How do you get?”
She moved as she was a professor
She said in great word
She looked as a worrier
Who would attack his enemy!,”
In Fact, the war in future is important
We must get great amount
As the industry men talked
Mass production overlap defect
In fact, what a fact!”
The queen moved in her crown
Carrying gold as she was known
She had great treasure
Her kingdom had no greed
She approached and said,”
What is you matter?
How can you get the silk?
She murmured and said,”
For the silk
I put the egg
Then they get worms
The worms spinning the silk
They prevented themselves
 From eating
They were taken in hot cloth
As great sacrificing
Knowing as it deserves
Then they were out
The cloths were taken
Several threads were combined
With one to be shown
Then it was taken
To be made as clothes”
They all laughed
They said,” explain in slow speak”