The clear tea

The rain was not descended
The plants were vanished
The land had dried
The weather became difficult
They went to the lion
To say their complain
"The nature became hard
We have to immigrate"
The lion's assistance were asked
They all were agreed
So he decided to immigrate
They moved in groups
To get more concord
The sun was raised
She saw them sad
She wanted to get amused
She descended to play
With them to make funny
As the road was away
She played with children
Hide and seek and competition
She played also imagination
They had to have a rest
The king wanted to have a tea
The pot was prepared
The water was poured
They put it above the sun
She had it boiled
A child there stung it

She suddenly quivered
And the tea was steamed
They have to condensate
The elephant laughed
Have a tea
That is cleared